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  • Handmade item
  • This is a 4.2oz bar of Soap. Soap may come labeled as 2oz, due to print press mislabeling, but it is a 4.2oz. bar.Thank You.


  • Soothing and Healing Soap. This soap leaves the skin baby soft and smooth. Many of our customers report alleviation of different skin conditions like eczema ans psoriasis on using this wonderful and rich Moringa Soap. 


  • Or you can just use it as the plain ol' luxurious soap that it is. Your body deserves it!
  • Materials: African black soap, purest shea butter and cocoa butter, coconut oil, palm oil, honey, moringa seed, moringa flower, moringa leaf, african grown, african women, vegan, vegeterian

MORINGA SOAP. Shea Butter African Black Soap 4.2oz.

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